Jojoba Oil


Jojoba Oil

The jojoba oil (pronounced as ho-ho-bah) is a wax, liquid at room temperature, produced by the seeds of jojoba, (Simmondsia chinensis), shrubby plant of the desert areas of southern Arizona, north-western Mexico, and southern California. The oil (wax) is present in more than 50% by weight in the seeds of the plant. [¹]
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LENITIVE: disinfectant and antifungal properties make Jojoba extract an excellent soothing and protective of the skin.
MOISTURIZING: Unlike all other vegetable oils, its molecular form is linear and not branched; this makes it chemically very similar to human sebum, a substance composed mainly of fatty acids, which serves to keep the skin hydrated.
VITAMINS: Rich in vitamins and minerals it is able to effectively counteract skin problems such as dryness, flaking and acne.
NORMALIZING: It regulates the sebaceous glands thus managing to clean the pores of oily skin, also thanks to its ability to penetrate into the small pores of the skin.


Jojoba oil is a natural remedy that comes from pressing the seeds of Jojoba (or Simmondsia chinensis), a woody shrub that reaches surprising heights in favourable climatic conditions. It is typical of hot desert areas such as Sonora and Mojave in California, but it is also widespread in Mexico and Arizona. Long-lived plant can reach up to 250 years of age, it has a thick and resistant foliage with a green and blue colour covered with a waxy patina. It produces seeds in abundance that contain a very dense liquid.

Rich in Vitamin E, B2 and B3 and minerals, it counteracts and soothes skin problems such as psoriasis, dry and flaky skin, acne, itching, eczema and acts perfectly as a sun filter. It penetrates quickly into the skin, does not greasy and weighs down, but leaves a silky soft feeling. Easy to apply, just a few drops after bathing or showering, directly on the damp skin of the body and face for quick absorption. Also excellent as anti-wrinkle, just tap a few drops along the eye contour.

Its ability to penetrate perfectly into the skin without greasing makes it particularly suitable for the skin of the face, to combat premature aging of its tissues. In case of dry, sensitive and delicate skin, which is the most exposed to the formation of wrinkles due to its thinness, jojoba oil counteracts the effects of time, in particular prevents and reduces wrinkles. It should be applied every day on clean skin with a light massage, absolute or added to the usual day cream.